Retrofit & Remodel

EES has performed over 12,000 inspections and structural damage assessments of various structures including residential homes, commercial buildings, and retail spaces since 1996.  In many cases, EES has been tasked with not only figuring out the cause and origin of the damages, but also recommend restoration and repair techniques.  The field experience gained from these types of inspections has given EES staff a unique perspective when it comes to design.  What may appear to be a quality design on paper may not always turn out to be such in the field.  EES has observed hundreds of cases in which improper construction details have led to significant damage to homes and businesses.  If your firm is looking to retrofit an existing structure, EES can help ensure proper details used in your design.  Our staff has ample experience with the latest codes and standards and will help you implement necessary upgrades while keeping your remodel design true to clients’ needs.