Expert Witness

An expert witness is an individual who is qualified to give an opinion in a case based upon their knowledge, experience, training, or education. Experts play a crucial role in our legal system. Lawyers, judges, and juries rely on experts to apply their specialized knowledge to the facts of a case and explain how or why an event happened.  Their testimony can have a significant impact on the outcome of a particular case.

Experts must meet certain requirements before being allowed to testify in a court of law.  First, the subject area must be one that is not easily understood by a common juror and their testimony can help to shed light on matters that are not easily understood.  Second, and just as important, an expert’s testimony must be reliable.  Reliability is judged by the principles and methodologies the expert applies in forming their opinion.  Since an expert’s reliability is somewhat subjective in nature and open to interpretation, it is imperative that they are able to clearly identify and explain the formation of their opinions and conclusions.  More importantly, their scientific or technical process must be dependable.

Our staff possess the highest certifications within our industry and include Industrial Hygienist (IH), Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Roof Consultant (RRC), and Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC). We have been called upon as expert witnesses by our clients for our specialized knowledge, methodology, and experience in the forensic engineering, health and safety, and environmental fields and have served on behalf of both defendants and plaintiffs.

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